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About Five Corners Cleaners of Glen Ellyn

Serving Glen Ellyn Since1959

Tom Turley, Jean Turley, Jill Turley, Lee Turley, Five Corners Cleaners

Serving Glen Ellyn Since 1959

Five Corners Cleaners opened its doors the day after Thanksgiving in 1959. Founders Herb and Corinne Menke had a philosophy that running a small business was about customer satisfaction, this concept helped the business to take off. While meeting the needs of the customer by offering quality work and excellent service, the business continued to grow. The drive-thru window in 1959 was the talk of the town because of its uniqueness and convenience for the customer.

Herb and Corinne’s three children learned the business by working along side their parents. The two older children, Jim and Louanne, went on to open their own successful dry cleaning businesses. In 1974 the youngest daughter, Jean and her husband Tom Turley, bought the original cleaners as Herb and Corinne retired. Since then the business has continued to serve the Glen Ellyn community with the same philosophy of customer satisfaction through quality work and excellent service.

Now in its third generation, Jean and Tom’s two children — Jill and Lee, have also worked side by side with their parents to learn the business and run Five Corners Cleaners with the same successful philosophy.


818 N Main Street
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

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