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Five Corners Cleaners Focuses on a Better Solution
Old-fashioned customer service values have merged with new age technology at Five Corners One Hour Cleaners on Main Street in Glen Ellyn. A second generation family business known for its wide range of fabricare services has re-equipped their plant to add improved environmental performance to their offerings in the community. eco green dry cleaningWhether it’s giving Old Glory a fresh look, revitalizing feather pillows, removing a troublesome spot from a favorite dress, or simply cleaning and pressing a suit, providing customers with excellent quality and personalized service is Five Corners Cleaners’ mission.Caring for their customers like family and concern for the environment prompted owners, Tom and Jean Turley, to replace their cleaning equipment recently to use a new, more environmentally friendly fluid known as DF-2000.

“Choosing DF-2000 Fluid as my cleaning agent was an easy decision,” says Mr. Turley, a former investment analyst. “While it was a big conversion, it’s an investment in the future.” Since its introduction in 1994 by Exxon Mobil Chemical Corporation, DF-2000 Fluid has grown in popularity as a replacement dry cleaning fluid due to improved health, safety and environmental benefits. It has proven to be the best alternative technology available, with cleaning performance equal to perc, the solution typically used in dry cleaning. Unlike perc, however, DF-2000 Fluid’s toxicity potential is very low using the same ingredient base commonly found in cosmetics, personal care and sun protection products. DF-2000 Fluid is an environmentally friendly cleaning method, adds Mrs. Turley, a former teacher.

The week-long conversion was a seamless transition to Five Corners’customers, despite a huge makeover in plant. A new boiler was installed along with other new equipment technology, which requires a sophisticated vacuum distillation unit to maintain the purity of the cleaning fluid, and features microprocessor-controlled variable-speed motors. Additionally, the new system uses large amounts of refrigeration, thereby reducing the use of city water.

Even though customers did not take note of the equipment changes, they certainly noticed differences in their processed garments. “A fresh clean smell and softer feeling garments are frequently received comments,” Turley says. Processing with DF-2000 Fluid has also resulted in more garments coming perfectly clean the first time, less manual stain removal time, and better color retention on sensitive fabrics.

DF-2000 Fluid is safer on all fabrics, including delicates such as silk, and provides gentler treatment of decorative friendly
The technology change has also brought other important benefits to Five Corners Cleaners. Because DF-2000 Fluid is not listed as a hazardous solution by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), waste disposal costs are considerably reduced. The fluid itself is also less costly as usage and environmental taxes do not apply as before. Turley notes, though, that energy consumption has increased somewhat due to the refrigeration required for the new technology.

As a successful, full service dry cleaner, the Turley’s look forward to their grown children, Jill and Lee continuing the business into a third generation. Both children have worked and grown up with the business, and Lee, in particular, has been very active with the new system installation and has been learning dry cleaning and pressing techniques that will help carry Five Corners Cleaners into the future.

Customer needs are met with confidence, dependability, and prompt response. “Treating customers how we would want to be treated is second nature,” says Mrs. Turley. Providing convenient drive-thru service, special favors, and even dog biscuits makes Five Corners Cleaners a better cleaner. Processing with DF-2000 Fluid, a safer, gentler, and environmentally preferable cleaning method, makes Five Corners Cleaners a better solution to dry cleaning needs.