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Dry Cleaning Convenience At No Extra Cost

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Get  your clothes picked up and dropped off twice a week for free.

Do you have a hectic schedule? Long hours at the office? Too many errands to run? Do you dread having to take the children out of the car seat every stop? Five Corners Cleaners convenient “to your door” service makes life a little eaiser and is offered at no additional cost.

How does delivery work?

Its simple! Just fill out the registration form to the right, or call 630-469-6009 and in return, you will receive 2 personal garment bags, in which you will deposit your clothes for Five Corners Cleaners to pick up on your designated days. We will delivery your freshly cleaned and pressed garments along with the bags right to your front door. Your home or office will be serviced twice a week. There is no need to call if you do not have clothes for pick up.

Route service days.

Upon registration of the service we will conveniently place you on either our Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday route service.

Pick-up and Delivery is between 8:00am and 4:00pm.

Please have garment bags visible from the street. Your garments will be returned to you on your following route day, hung on your door.

Any questions regarding pick-up and delivery please contact our friendly customer service at 630-469-6009.

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